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FG Reviews Page


Products, retailers and service providers around the world need to be held accountable for their choices!

  1. All our reviews get 2TP right away and then explain in detail why afterwards.
    • So you can get the answer you're looking for without wading through monitization babble and if you want the further details they're there when you need them.
  2. Review of PURCHASED items! Not models sent from the manufacturer for reivew.
    • Many online reviewers are sponsored or at the very least gifted a free version of the product being reviewed. Even if it's paid for and still comes direct from the manufacturer for the purpose of review there is a conflict! This is a problem for two reasons: 1) If you get a gift? are you no longer unbiased? But more importantly! 2) If you are sent an item straight from the manufacturer, are you getting the version everyone gets when they buy it online or off the shelf? The manufacturer is sure to triple the quality checks for the review demo models and then the consumer is left with the chance of not knowing if the retail product has a high rate of failure. So everything we review comes to us exactly as it would go to you!... From amazon of course.